Unraveling the Mysteries of Hard Water

Unraveling the Mysteries of Hard Water. Concept idea with glass of water and test or indicator of water hardness.

Water is an indispensable part of our lives—but not all water is created equal.

Many Cost Mesa households must deal with the nuances of “hard water,” a type of water containing elevated mineral content—specifically calcium and magnesium ions. While safe for consumption, hard water can impact your household in several ways.

Parzival Plumbing can test your water, identify its acidity, hardness, and mineral content, and recommend the best way to treat it. We install water softeners, sediment filtration, and water filtration and purification systems, such as reverse osmosis systems, that improve water quality no matter if its source is a well or public supply.

How Hard Water Affects Your California Household

It is important to note the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not set any standards on the hardness of water . That’s because the minerals that create hard water are not toxic or harmful to your health.

But here are several ways in which hard water affects your home. The mineral buildup caused by hard water can lead to clogs and decreased efficiency in plumbing systems and appliances.

The accumulation of minerals, commonly known as limescale, can obstruct water flow, reduce heating efficiency, and even impact the service life of your water heater and other plumbing equipment.

Hard water can affect your daily routine. Shampoo and soap may not lather as effectively, while residue can form on dishes and surfaces.

Parzival Plumbing can help you make informed decisions about the water quality in your Costa Mesa home. We can test your water, analyze specific mineral content, and tailor solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Treating Hard Water 

Water softeners can extend the service life of your plumbing appliances and reduce energy use. Doing so saves money in the long run and contributes to a greener lifestyle.

Water softeners use an ion exchange resin to change calcium and magnesium ions to sodium or potassium ions that do not create limescale. These systems typically include one resin tank and one brine tank that holds the salt or potassium solution. The salt solution helps restore the resin beads after they become coated with calcium and magnesium ions.

Softened water can improve the health of your skin and hair. It can reduce soap scum and residue, leading to a cleaner household. Plus, you help reduce clogs in your plumbing system.

Say goodbye to soap scum and dry skin. Eliminate hard water in your California home today.

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