Sewer Lateral Inspections

Sewer Lateral Inspections.
Sewer Lateral Inspections.

Do you need help with your Costa Mesa sewer lateral line? Parzival Plumbing can help maintain your sewer line to help prevent clogs and other costly problems.

Your sewer lateral line leads from your Costa Mesa home to the city’s sewer system. In most communities, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the entire sewer lateral line from your home to the point of connection.

Our team of Costa Mesa and Irvine sewer lateral professionals have extensive experience and can offer you honest, upfront pricing for our sewer lateral line inspections.

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Sewer Lateral Inspections in Costa Mesa

Without regular maintenance, lateral lines can become blocked or otherwise impaired, causing waste material to back up into your house. Besides the normal wear and tear of daily use, flushing inappropriate items down your sink or toilet can damage your pipes.

Tree roots are another problem.

As tree roots grow, they expand and apply considerable pressure to your underground sewer lines. Eventually, this creates cracks in your lateral sewer pipe, allowing soil and other debris to enter. Roots may begin to grow inside the pipe and eventually cause them to break or collapse, requiring a costly pipe replacement project.

Some other relatively common culprits of clogged sewer lines include:

  • Fats
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Flushable wipes (they clog pipes)

Free Sewer Video Inspection

Sewer lateral inspections in Costa Mesa are especially important because of the proximity of many of our homes to local beaches and nature preserves. The CCTV Program (Closed Circuit Television) will provide eligible Costa Mesa residents with a FREE video inspection. Parzival Plumbing can work with you to ensure your sewer lines are unobstructed.

Sewer Lateral Line Repairs

If you find yourself with backed-up sewer pipes, our plumbers will likely recommend services that involve rodding your lateral line or hydro jetting to remove the blockages.

Sewer rodding involves threading a flexible metal cable with an attached cutting tool into your sewer lateral line to grind up small debris. Hydro jetting cleans the line with high-pressure water and is a bit more aggressive in removing stubborn roots.

These common problems, if left unchecked, can eventually cause several thousands of dollars in property damage. By conducting an annual sewer lateral inspection, our Costa Mesa sewer lateral inspection plumbers can save your family some major headaches.

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