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Seeking out a plumber for your home is no easy task. While you have many options to choose from, you need to make sure the company you ultimately pick cannot only accomplish the job at hand but can do so in an honest and reliable way.

Here at Parzival Plumbing, we are homeowners ourselves who understand the anxieties our customers face when they are dealing with unexpected plumbing problems—and need to make a hasty decision to get their home plumbing working again. That’s why we are proud to be the premier plumbing company in Costa Mesa.

Our company is built on honesty, integrity, and good old-fashioned customer service. We are in the business of making customers for life, and we can only do that by providing outstanding experiences each and every time. Whether it’s a quick pipe repair or an extensive gas line replacement, every job is as important as the next and will always receive our dedicated care and concern.

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When you trust Parzival Plumbing with your plumbing problems, you can count on not only the best solution, but one delivered by friendly, respectful, and highly trained technicians and backed by a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. We are raising the bar in the home services industry and look forward to continuing to make satisfied customers throughout Orange County.

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How Often Do I Need to Clean My Main Sewer Line?

March 29, 2024

At Parzival Plumbing Inc, we take your plumbing needs and concerns seriously. Your main sewer line plays a vital role in your entire California home’s plumbing system—we want to help you properly maintain it!

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tankless water heater facts you need to know.

Video – Tankless Water Heater Facts You Need to Know

February 29, 2024

Hot water from a tank has its disadvantages. That’s why we want you to know about tankless water heaters.

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Hard Water. Concept idea with glass of water and test or indicator of water hardness.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Hard Water

February 12, 2024

Many Cost Mesa households must deal with the nuances of “hard water,” a type of water containing elevated mineral content—specifically calcium and magnesium ions. While safe for consumption, hard water can impact your household in several ways.

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Video - What Should I Do If My Water Heater Is Leaking? Animation of water heater.

Video – What Should I Do If My Water Heater Is Leaking?

January 31, 2024

Is your water heater leaking? Here’s what you need to do: First, find the location of the leak. This will be helpful for you and your service technician. Turn off the power supply by switching the water heater circuit breaker to “off” for an electric water heater or by turning the dial to “off” on a gas water heater. Next, turn off the cold water supply to avoid more water being wasted from the leak. Call us today to have your water heater repaired or replaced.

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Our entire team at Parzival Plumbing lives by that motto. We are grateful to serve the Orange County community—we try to show our appreciation every time we go out on a call.

Integrity means a lot to us. Your home is your castle. When something breaks, you want prompt, reliable, professional service. You deserve a company that is transparent, conscientious, and eager to please. Our goal at Parzival Plumbing is to be that company.

When it comes to keeping you safe and comfortable, Parzival Plumbing is your company. We've got your back.


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