What’s In Your Water?

Image of water going into a cup. What's In Your Water?

If your drinking water looks cloudy, smells funny, tastes weird, or leaves colored stains on your fixtures, it contains more than H2O.

Your tap water is not sterile, even if a public water utility treats and then pipes it to your Southern California home. The water streaming out of your kitchen faucet may look crystal clear, but it could contain bacteria, fungi, and amoebas.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), germs can grow in your plumbing system within a slimy substance called a biofilm. The film repels chlorine and protects the germs. If you have not used a tap in a while, stagnant water inside the adjacent pipe also can help microorganisms multiply and harm your stomach, lungs, brain, eyes, or skin.

The CDC suggests flushing faucets and showerheads that have not been used for a week or more and cleaning aerators to control germ growth. However, that may not mitigate chemical and mineral contamination, odd odors, sediment, and unappealing taste.

Our experts at Parzival Plumbing offer water treatment services that can improve the water supply in your Newport Beach home. We can add a layer of protection to water drawn from a well or piped to your fixtures and faucets. 

We offer whole-home systems that filter out contaminants or soften your water by removing minerals. We also install point-of-use systems, such as a reverse osmosis unit, that purify water at a single faucet.    

Isnt City Water Clean?

Filtration and other processes remove solids, germs, and odors from the public water supply.  Added chemicals, such as chlorine, disinfect the water. Some communities also add fluoride to strengthen teeth and reduce cavities.

Chemicals and microorganisms can leach into your municipal water supply through cracked pipes and sewer overflows. Chemical spills, pesticide application, and fertilizer use near your community’s water source also can taint your drinking water.

A water utility follows U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines on the amount and type of contaminants allowed in public drinking water. It must warn the public when the chemical or bacteria level is too high. It also publishes an annual Consumer Confidence Report that explains water quality violations, their health consequences, and plans to resolve them. 

The information helps you stay on top of changes in your water supply, but only if you read the report and are aware of water quality advisories.

Water Quality Solutions

Our water treatment experts at Parzival Plumbing can help you gain peace of mind. We will interpret your supplier’s Consumer Confidence Report, examine your water, and recommend action.

If you are concerned about microorganisms and chemicals in your drinking water, a reverse osmosis system installed under the counter at your kitchen faucet may be your best filtration choice. It can remove dozens of impurities, even lead and bacteria, from tap water.

Whole-House Treatments

A whole-house filtering system reduces contaminants before they reach your fixtures and appliances. One of our experts from Parzival Plumbing can recommend one or more filters to achieve your goals, whether you aim to reduce sediment and rust or capture heavy metals and microorganisms.

Filters can eliminate odors, improve clarity, and make water more palatable. Get $300 off a whole-house water filtration system or a free reverse osmosis system valued at $800. Visit our specials page for details.

A whole-house softener prevents scale buildup in your plumbing and appliances by removing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Scale found on fixtures, shower doors, and eating utensils is just one symptom of hard water. Other signs include dingy-looking laundry, dry skin after showering, and soap scum that easily forms in the shower and bath.

Enjoy Cleaner Tap Water Today

Add a layer of protection to your water supply in Newport Beach, CA, with a filtering system or water softener. Ask us at Parzival Plumbing to recommend the best solution for your needs.

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