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Although they are not used for residential properties anymore, homes built prior to 1975 have cast iron piping within their sewer lines. One of the main reasons why they are no longer used is that they have relatively short lifespans of only 50 to 70 years. This is because as water continually comes into contact with the cast iron material, it causes issues with the pipe’s structural integrity. Soon, you’re dealing with pipes that are rusting, corroding, leaking, or, worse, broken. At Parzival Plumbing, our highly trained plumbers provide cast iron pipe restoration throughout Costa Mesa. We have over 30 years of combined experience and will go above and beyond to ensure that all your problems are solved in an efficient and effective manner.

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Why Will You Need Cast Iron Pipe Restoration?

As we flush and dispose of waste, our cast iron pipes experience frequent use. However, the materials that end up down our sewer and drain systems can build up and cause our pipes to corrode, deteriorate, rust, burst, or clog.

The following are common causes of cast iron pipe problems:

  • Grease: This is one of the biggest culprits for channeling within cast iron piping. As it continues to be flushed throughout your sewage or drain system, grease will eventually cause the pipe to rot away and will result in a channel at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Detergents: As you wash your hands, dishes, and clothes, all of the soap and detergent are flushed down the drains and begin to build up within your piping and contribute to corrosion or clogs.
  • Chemical drain cleaners: These chemicals, particularly sulfuric acid, are extremely harsh on your pipes and can cause them to weaken.
  • Soil and weather conditions: Because your pipes exist beneath your property’s foundation, the minerals within the soil can potentially cause corrosion to take place. Additionally, any changing weather conditions, such as extremely cold to warmer temperatures can weaken the strength of your pipes.

Our Restoration Methods

It used to be that in order to repair or replace cast iron pipes, plumbers would need to dig extensive trenches to gain access. However, thanks to recent advancements in technology, our Costa Mesa cast iron pipe restoration specialists can use non-invasive methods to access, inspect, and make your pipes like new.

When we arrive at your property, we will first conduct a video camera inspection that will allow us to diagnose and pinpoint the precise location of the issue.

Next, depending on what we find in our inspection and how extensive the damage to your piping is, we will use one of these three methods:

  • Picote resurfacing: As grease, fats, soap, minerals, or other deposits contribute to scaling within your pipes, eventually you will need a plumber to descale them. Using Picote resurfacing tools, which are powered by high-speed cables and rotating chains, we are able to effectively remove any build-up and your pipes will have smooth interiors to allow for the free flow of water once again.
  • Pipe lining: If a section of your cast iron piping needs to be repaired or replaced, our plumbers will insert an epoxy lining that inflates and takes the place of your old, damaged pipe.
  • Pipe bursting: During this method, we will insert a conical head with a replacement pipe attached to it through your existing cast iron piping. Because the conical head is larger in diameter, as it is pulled through, it will burst your damaged pipe apart and the replacement pipe will settle in the damaged pipe’s place.

All of these methods are designed to provide you with sturdy piping that will allow for increased flow and extended lifespans. These methods are also extremely cost-effective because you will not have to worry about restoring any damaged foundation or landscaping.

At Parzival Plumbing, we value innovation which is why we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service and the most advanced restoration methods available.

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