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You rely heavily on the water in your home. Showering, drinking, doing dishes and laundry—the list is extensive. Why not make sure that what’s coming out of your faucets is the best it can be? At Parzival Plumbing, we believe that healthy home water is a necessity, so we offer water treatment services for our Costa Mesa and Orange County communities.

Whether you are looking to improve the taste of your water or need a solution for hard water, we can offer you a reliable solution. We are thoroughly experienced in installations of home water treatments, including water filtration and water softener services.

Reach out to our team of Costa Mesa water filtration experts today at 949-355-1575 to learn about our services. We proudly service all of Orange County.

Do You Need Water Treatment?

When deciding if your home could benefit from water treatment services, it’s important to first learn about where your water is coming from. Most homes get their water from one of two places—a private well source or a municipality.

The water from many home wells is often considered ‘hard,’ which means it has a high mineral content and contains deposits that can damage pipes, appliances, showerheads, faucets, and irrigation lines.

Some common signs your home has hard water include:

  • Mineral buildup around water fixtures
  • Soap scum in the bathtub or on the shower curtain
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Water spots on clean dishes
  • Short appliance lifespans

The best way to learn about the quality of your municipality water is from the EPA mandated report that is produced once a year and reviews your water’s quality. You will also find out where your water comes from, what it is treated with, and what impurities are found. Our friendly team of plumbers can help you understand your water quality report and make recommendations based on its findings.

The Basic Types of Water Treatments

When it comes to improving your home’s water, there are two basic types of water treatment:

  • Water filtration can remove impurities from your water supply. The filtration can happen at either the point of entry to filter all the water or at the point of use to filter specific faucets or outlets.
  • Water softening controls the levels of calcium and magnesium ions in your water, which make your water ‘hard.’ This technique helps remove ions to make your water less damaging to skin, dishes, and appliances.

Parzival Plumbing Has Your Water Treatment Solution!

If you’re unsure if water treatment services are appropriate for your home, reach out to our team! We want the best for our customers and are here to provide advice and guidance to make the best decision. Our customer service commitment begins with our upfront, honest pricing and ends with our satisfaction guarantee.

To start your path toward cleaner, better-tasting water, reach out to our Costa Mesa plumbers today at 949-355-1575.

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