Why Your Shower Suddenly Changes Temperature

You’re taking a shower when the water suddenly turns very hot or icy. This sudden change in temperature is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous.

A drop in the water pressure of either the hot or cold side of your water supply can cause a drastic swing in temperature. This change in water pressure can happen when someone flushes a toilet, turns on the washing machine, or starts running the dishwasher. A sudden temperature change in the shower can be startling and can also cause burns from the scalding water. One way to remedy this problem is by installing a pressure-balance shower valve.

What is a pressure-balance shower valve?

A pressure-balance shower valve senses the ratio of the volumes of the hot and cold water. As the water flows, the valve constantly adjusts the volumes to deliver water continuously at the chosen temperature. When you turn on the water, you are controlling the temperature and the volume simultaneously. The water’s volume increases when you increase the temperature.

How does a pressure-balance shower valve work?

Pressure-balance shower valves maintain the ratio of the volumes between the hot and cold water. The valves do not act based on the water’s temperature but rather on the volume flowing from both sides. Pressure-balance valves contain balancing spools that react when the pressure of one of the water volumes drops. The spools then adjust the water pressure of the other side to match. This helps to prevent the water from abruptly turning cold or hot when it comes out of the showerhead. The volume of the water coming from the showerhead may drop, but the temperature will not change.

Bottom line: This device can be installed by a professional plumber to make your shower’s temperature consistent. This simple change can end the annoyance and help to prevent burns. To learn more, contact Parzival Plumbing by calling at 949-355-1575.

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