Time For Water Heater TLC

water heater tlc

Is it time for some water heater TLC? How would your day change if you woke up and you no longer had hot water in your home? From your morning shower to your laundry, your routines and chores would be greatly affected. So, you don’t want your water to suddenly go cold out of nowhere… you’d be left in quite the lurch.

That’s why it is important to give your system some extra TLC, especially if you notice any of these signs that your system is headed towards breakdown:

Your Water Heater Is Ten Years Old… Or Older

Water heaters typically last between eight and ten years, as wear and tear and outdated technology inherently lead to breakdowns. Once your water heater has reached the end of its lifespan, you’ll spend more money on your energy bills and on repetitive repairs than you would be purchasing a new system.

Not to mention, your high utility costs will be for nothing, as your system won’t perform at the rate at which it did at its peak.

Your Tank Is Leaking

If you see any pooling water by the base of your water heater, your tank is likely leaking. Small leaks can turn into big problems. Don’t leave your home susceptible to water damage—address your leak in a time-sensitive manner.

Your Inlet Valve Is Rusty

Even though water heaters are manufactured to resist rust, corrosion can occur over time. If you notice an orange hue to your water or your supply smells a bit off, your tank needs to be flushed out to restore your water quality.

Your Water Heater Is Making Strange Sounds

The occasional rumble is nothing to be concerned about; however, if you hear loud popping or whistling, your tank has sediment build-up and needs cleaning. If you do not perform regular cleaning, this debris will cause irreparable damages. Make sure you schedule regular water heater maintenance.

For your water heater tlc, including maintenance and repairs, contact Parzival Plumbing at 949-355-1575. We are here to restore your hot water and ensure your home has a healthy supply. As the pandemic continues, we remain operating with CDC protocols and precautions to ensure the safety of both our clients and technicians. Or check out our outstanding Google reviews.

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