These Items Can’t Go Down Your Kitchen Drain

These Items Can’t Go Down Your Kitchen Drain

When it comes to your kitchen drain, you don’t want it to break down… especially when you’re in the kitchen more than usual. We are all cracking open the cookbooks and tapping into our inner-chefs, as we spend more time indoors during this pandemic. And, with more use comes more opportunities for misuse. That’s why we here at Parzival Plumbing are creating this garbage disposal guide for all of you!

It is essential to know how to properly use your garbage disposal, so it does not breakdown during times like these. Here’s how to avoid clogging your kitchen drain during high use. Apart from non-food items, such as wrappers and paper goods, keep these foods out of your garbage disposal:

Meat Bones

Chicken and meat bones can get lodged between the blades of your disposal system, breaking your motor. And, without a functioning motor, anything coming down your system after this malfunction will likely clog your pipes. You’ll need to replace your motor if you notice pooling water in your sink or backflow occurs. It’s best to dispose of all food bones in your kitchen trash. This additionally includes fish bones.

Fishbones, although thin and malleable, can catch items coming down your plumbing, clogging your pipes. These thin bones wedge themselves in your plumbing, making them extremely hard to remove. Never stick your own hand down your disposal, as you can easily injure yourself; rather, contact Parzival Plumbing for your plumbing repair.

Coffee Grounds

If you have ever brewed your own coffee, you are familiar with how coffee grounds react to water. After your pot of coffee is made, the filter is filled with one big clump of grounds. Water causes coffee grounds to bind together; and, when this happens in your pipes—it manifests as a major blockage. Make sure to keep any spilled coffee grounds or post-brewed grounds out of your sink. Or you’ll find yourself calling a professional plumber for drain cleaning.

Fibrous Vegetables

When fibrous vegetables are cut, they become stringy. Think about celery—when it is prepared, you shave stringy strands away from the stalk. These strands begin to form tumble-weed-like clogs within your kitchen drain. Other like-vegetables will result in the same fate—a sink filled with pooling water and a drain that needs professional attention.


When oils are poured down your disposal, they cling to your pipes, coating your plumbing. It is extremely difficult to remove and causes consecutive clogs, as it becomes sticky over time. Always pour excess oils from cooking or expired salad dressings into a disposable bottle, and then place them into your trash.


When nuts are chopped and spun, they turn into a paste. Just think of peanut butter—that’s definitely not a substance you want lurking in your pipes. It is incredibly sticky and will land you smack dab in the middle of a drain debacle.


When pasta, rice, and bread get wet, they expand. Complex carbohydrates will block your pipes right up, as water is continuously coming down your drain. These items will expand until your water flow is completely obstructed. You’ll end up with serious backflow and compromised water quality. Keep all leftover starches out of your sink.

Fruit Pits

From avocado seeds to peach pits, your garbage disposal simply can’t chop these up. Your blades are just knives, so if you put something down your disposal that can’t typically be cut with your everyday knife—keep it away from your sink. Your blades can break, and you’ll end up replacing your entire disposal system. Even if the fruit pit is small—it can still clog your kitchen drain. Always place discarded pits into the trash!

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