Summertime Plumbing Tips

Summertime Plumbing Tips

Summertime Plumbing Tips

This summer we are focusing on savings! Eco-friendly living is trending; and, we here at Parzival Plumbing want to provide you with some water-saving and environmentally conscious tips to reduce your water waste and consumption this season. These summertime plumbing tips will keep your system running efficiently all summer long and accommodate any increased water use.

Follow these steps to make sure your residential plumbing network is ready for your summertime demand:

Check For Signs Of Leaking

The summer season brings everyone home, which means more showers, more laundry, and more home cooking. This increase in activity can lead to extreme water use and water waste, as plumbing systems are being put to the test by frequent use. That’s why it is important to check each plumbing feature in your home, from your plumbing fixtures indoors to your exterior watering hose spigot. All plumbing far and in between should be inspected for proper operation.

If you notice that your plumbing systems have rusted, corroded, cracked, or have sprung leaks, it is imperative that you contact your local plumbing technician for plumbing repairs. These are all signs that you have a malfunction or that your plumbing unit needs cleaning. Additionally, check the date of installation for each of your plumbing appliances to ensure none of your equipment is outdated.

Aged out plumbing is inherently not as energy-efficient, or water conscious, as newer models, as technology has drastically improved over the years. Not to mention, state-wide regulations on water-use standards have changed as well. Make sure your equipment is up to date to ensure you are not unintentionally wasting water.

Once you check your systems, it’s time to confirm there are no hidden leaks. How? Simply pull out your water bill from the last 6 months. If there are any recent, unexplained spikes, you may have an undetected leak. It is imperative that you contact a professional plumber for leak detection and repairs, as standing, leaking, or pooling water can lead to mold growth and other destructive water damage.

Check Your Sprinkler System

The hot summer sun can dry out your lawn; however, before you kick your sprinkler system into high gear, it is important to check to see if any of your sprinkler heads are corroded or damaged. If you come across a sprinkler that needs attention, address the issue before you begin using your system—you don’t want a potential geyser to erupt.

Make sure your sprinkler system is clean and that all water outlets are free of debris. This will ensure your water flow remains unobstructed, increasing the efficiency of your landscape care, and decreasing the cost of your sprinkler operation!

Remember, keep an eye on your water costs throughout the summer, as sprinkler systems can begin leaking underground. If you notice a spike, or that you begin to get patches of dead grass, you may have a leak. Address this immediately, as underground leaking can jeopardize your homes’ foundation.

Try These Summertime Plumbing Tips For Water Conservation

Here are some water-saving tips that are easy to implement in your home. Once you begin incorporating these into your daily routine, they will become second nature! Not only will taking these steps to decrease your water use, but they will also cut your water bills down significantly.

Here are some of the best ways to practice water conservations:

  • Do not leave the water running when brushing your teeth! This alone can save up to 4 gallons of water per brush.

  • Instead of washing your car in your driveway, take it to a professional establishment! Car wash companies have built-in recycling systems for their water, making the process less wasteful!

  • Place your sprinkler system on a timer. This will not only eliminate forgetfulness but will also ensure your system is only on for the exact time it is needed, preserving water.

  • If you have plumbing appliances up for replacement, purchase products with a WaterSense label! This label indicates that the fixture you are purchasing follows industry efficiency standards and state-wide, low-flow requirements.

For your plumbing maintenance and repairs, contact Parzival Plumbing at 949-355-1575! We are here to help you save money by taking an eco-friendly approach to summer living. Or check out our outstanding Google reviews.

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