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Our Orange County Water Heater Installation Pros Provide Comprehensive Replacement Options

No matter what kind of water heater you have, even the best-maintained units only last 10-15 years. Of course, if your water heater has not received regular tune-ups and repairs, it may not even last that long. Luckily, our Costa Mesa water heater installation experts at Parzival Plumbing have got you covered. We provide replacement options for a range of equipment and have the experience, training, and technology it takes to upgrade your home with the perfect water heater ASAP. Call today for a brand new, energy-efficient water heater right here in Orange County, and find out why so many customers love Parzival Plumbing.

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How Do I Know When It’s Time for a Replacement?

If you are constantly calling for water heater repairs, there comes a time when it is more cost-effective just to install a new system. That’s why our plumbing technicians offer a variety of options to accommodate your home’s specific requirements. Whether you are tired of cold showers and need to replace your current system, or just moved into a new house and need to install a water heater for the first time, Parzival Plumbing has you covered.

You may want to call a professional to see if you need a new water heater if:

  • Your current system is over 10-years-old
  • Your current system is making strange noises, such as banging or popping sounds
  • Your current system is emitting a nasty smell
  • You keep getting rust-colored water
  • Your water heater is leaking
  • Your water heater requires frequent repairs
  • You have stopped getting hot water altogether

What a New Water Heater Can Do for You

At Parzival Plumbing, we promise to always be honest about the best course of action for your water heater. Our Costa Mesa plumbing pros are known for being upfront and transparent, so you can trust their diagnosis when they recommend water heater repair or replacement. And fortunately, if you do need to install a new water heater, we carry a variety of top-of-the-line models, including gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and tankless water heaters. If you have a big family or large home, where it seems like no one ever gets enough hot water, you should definitely consider this last option, as tankless systems provide a constant supply of hot water for everyone on your property.

When you install a brand new, energy-efficient water heater with Parzival Plumbing, you get:

  • Fewer repairs and maintenance costs
  • Lower energy bills
  • A longer system lifespan
  • Uninterrupted hot water (when you upgrade to tankless

To install a new water heater in Costa Mesa, CA, just dial 949-355-1575, or contact us online. You can also read our reviews on Google!

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