Make This The Year You Save Water

Make This The Year You Save Water

Each new year brings the opportunity for self-improvement, and you may understandably be focused on reducing your impact on the planet. Are you planning to make this the year you save water?

Water conservation is increasingly a top concern, and saving water around the house is easier to do than you may think.

WaterSense products are certified to meet the EPA’s high standards for efficiency and performance. With these products installed in your home, you can use less water each day without adjusting your habits.

Save Water in the Kitchen

The list of products that currently carry the WaterSense label is extensive, and it continues to expand. In the kitchen, you can easily upgrade your faucet to conserve water each time you turn on the tap. Stylish faucets are available from top brands, so you can improve aesthetics while also saving water with your new fixture. For additional water savings, connect a WaterSense aerator to your dishwasher.

Conserve Water in the Bathroom

A considerable amount of water is wasted in the bathroom, so this is a great place to focus your attention. WaterSense-labeled products include toilets, sinks, and showerheads. The advanced engineering in these and other efficient plumbing products provide superior water pressure while reducing water usage. For example, low-flow toilets use about a gallon less per flush than a conventional toilet without compromising performance.

Reduce Water Consumption Outdoors

Outdoor water consumption also deserves a closer look. Sprinkler systems are generally associated with water waste. However, you can take advantage of the convenience of a sprinkler system while also improving conservation when you install WaterSense products designed for outdoor use. For example, spray sprinkler bodies and advanced irrigation system controllers reduce water waste while keeping your lawn just as green.

Bottom line: Installing WaterSense features around the house is a great first step. Depending on your home’s current level of consumption, you could save thousands of gallons of water or more each year. You can then go a step further to adjust your behaviors, such as by taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. The combined results can be impressive. To schedule an appointment with Parzival Plumbing, contact us at 949-355-1575. Or check out our outstanding Google reviews.

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