How To Eliminate Your Kitchen Counter Clutter

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How To Eliminate Your Kitchen Counter Clutter

COVID-19 can make it hard to keep your home tidy. That’s why we here at Parzival Plumbing are bringing you some tips to get rid of your kitchen counter clutter, so you can start enjoying your counter space again. Get ready to put your Marie Kondo hat on, cause today we are taking your covered countertops and giving you back the space you deserve to whip up your favorite recipe from your binge-worthy Food Network show.

Here’s how to declutter your kitchen countertops:

Commit To Cleaning Your Pantry

Have expired canned goods? It’s time to rid your pantry of any outdated food and unused goods. This will make space for storing some of the items that are laying out, on top of your kitchen island.

Go Through Your Cookbooks

If you have cookbooks you’re no longer using, or have books with only a few recipes you enjoy, start scanning your favorite meals, and make your own home cooking book! This will help you save a significant amount of storage space overall. Plus, you’ll have all your go-to meals in one place!

Store Your Small Appliances Elsewhere

If you have each and every small kitchen appliance lined up on your counters, there’s no space for anything else, and it inherently looks messy! Take some of the space you gained from clearing your pantry to put that Cuisinart you use once every blue moon out of sight.

Don’t have enough space to store all of these appliances? Check your pots and pans drawer. If you are not stacking your pots within one another, you are wasting space in your kitchen! Stack all of your pots and pans within one another to make room for other appliances. Remember to place your kitchen appliances back in their new, rightful place after use to keep your space spick and span!

Use Your Wall Space

Don’t like what your dishtowels look like hanging off of your cabinets? Place a hook or a towel bar on your wall! This will provide easy access to your towels while additionally allowing the towel to hang dry after use. Not to mention, if you have festive towels, they will add a little charm to your space!

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