Is a Freestanding Tub Right For You?

Is a Freestanding Tub Right For You?

Is a freestanding tub right for you? Today, bathrooms have become more of a focal point in many homes. As gorgeous master baths taking on increasingly luxurious looks, the freestanding tub skyrocketed back into the scene, trending. It is one of the most coveted bathroom pieces these days, but that doesn’t mean it is right for everyone.

Here are a few ways to determine if a freestanding tub is the best choice for your needs, your space, and your home.

Do You Have Space for It?

Built-in tubs fit snugly against walls, taking up significantly less space than the alternative. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, a freestanding tub may overpower your space, making you feel cramped in your bathroom suite, decreasing the overall luxuriousness of the room.

Does It Match Your Home’s Aesthetics?

Many master suites simply would not look right with a a modern tub. These pieces look best in homes that tend towards the following aesthetics:

  • Traditional Farmhouse

  • Sleek and Modern

  • Sophisticated

  • Glam

How Frequently Do You Plan to Bathe?

If you prefer baths to showers, a single freestanding tub with a rinsing, hand shower attachment may be all that you need to meet your bathing requirements. This frees up space to allow your room to accommodate a freestanding tub. However, most people prefer having a separate shower in addition to their tub—so you may want to plan enough space for both pieces to retain your resale property value.

Can Your Plumbing Handle a Freestanding Tub?

While some freestanding tubs may appear less costly than built-in tubs, an additional price may be added on by your plumber to install your freestanding appliance. You will likely need to run new pipes, especially if you are switching from a built-in tub or renovating an existing space. These are no small plumbing feats, and the price reflects that.

Installing a freestanding tub in your home is a great option if it works with your home’s current aesthetic, and is compatible with your existing plumbing setup. Just remember to consider your budget and your long-term plans for your home before deciding whether or not this is an investment you want to make!

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