Faucet Fashion: Must-Have Looks for Your Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

Faucets are not only functional, but they’re also increasingly becoming statement pieces. Here, we’ll look at five faucet styles to up the look of your bathroom.


One of the most popular faucet styles for kitchens, available with both single and double handle options, this faucet equally promotes function and beauty. The high arc leaves plenty of sink space to work with, and this style is available in any finish. A matte black finish will compliment a farmhouse style kitchen perfectly, while a stainless-steel finish will blend flawlessly into a more modern or traditional setting.

Bridge Faucet Styles

With two handles and a style that transports you to the twentieth century, the clear choice for finishing off a vintage style kitchen or bath is the bridge faucet. Select an antique oil finish and handles with hot and cold text to seal the deal on this historic look.

Hands-Free Faucet Styles

The perfect accessory for the modern, high-tech, kitchen; hands-free faucets are activated by a sensor that either detects light or motion. With the hygienic bonus of keeping hands away from what is typically frequently touched surfaces, a chrome finish will complete the clean, minimalist look.


A wall-mounted faucet is a great option in either a kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the finish and number of handles selected, this option can fit a number of design styles, with the practical benefit of freeing up precious counter space. This is especially nice in a smaller cottage style kitchen where space is limited.

Pull Out / Pull Down

Not restricted by location, pull out and pull down faucets do just what their respective names imply, and provide a great range of motion for filling water pitchers, or getting a better angle while scrubbing that baked-on lasagna pan. Typically, available as a single handle option, with accompaniments like a soap dispenser, these faucets will fit well in a traditional style kitchen and beyond. Choose a copper finish for a classic yet eye-catching touch. There are, of course, many practical considerations when selecting a faucet. Once you settle on a style, do not hesitate to contact Parzival Plumbing for your installation needs.


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