Can a Spider Really Crawl Out of My Toilet?

The nightmare of a spider crawling up the toilet can be quite creepy, especially when you know it may be poisonous.

It is unlikely for spiders to hide under the seat and they actually may not be able to climb back up the toilet once they’ve been flushed down.

Intruder Alert

You shouldn’t have to share the toilet with another species, but when you see a spider in your toilet, stay calm.

Insects can be seen in movies or videos coming up drains in showers and other things, but can they really do that?

Due to the water inside the toilet trap, they are unable to crawl back up the drain.

The toilet trap is a curved section of the drain that helps seal your toilet from insect and arachnid intruders like spiders.

Flushing Spiders Down The Toilet

You may think flushing spiders will kill them, but it can actually take an hour or a few for them to be fully submerged in water.

They will eventually drown, but they will be living in your pipes for a while before this happens.

Where Can They Be?

Although spiders cannot crawl back up your toilet, they can still be present in your bathroom. They like to hide in dark places and near clutter.

Here are some common places they may be hiding:

  • Underneath the cabinets

  • Near your trash can

  • In the drawers

  • In your bath loofah

  • Underneath the toilet paper


Some of the spots they hide may seem strange, but as most spiders are on the smaller side, they can fit in different cracks and spaces in your home.

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