The Parzival Plumbing Team


Owner, Master Plumber

From rural western New York State.  Father of two young adult sons.  Likes to hike in the back country, watch sunsets, read, meditate, deepen his Christian faith, gardening, and dream of ways to better inspire, serve and positively impact. Has lived in Spain, England and France as a young adult; speaks Spanish fluently.  Favorite book, Lord of the Rings.  Loves the story of the knight Parzival!!

Training and Development Manager

Barry meets all Parzival Partners (employees) wherever they are in life and encourages them to stretch to become a better version of themselves, while meeting required performance standards and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Barry is a father of three boys, has 35 years of business experience and is a certified HeartMath trainer.  Barry is realizing his vision of making the world a better place through making each Parzival Partner a better individual that is meeting the world.

Field Supervisor, Lead Plumber

Chris is responsible for quality control and training at Parzival Plumbing. He is from the OC, went to Laguna Hills High School where he wrestled and played football.   Chris loves quiet time, likes to play the guitar, loves music, studying cryptocurrency, and taking walks in nature.   Chris loves a great steak cooked on the grill.  Chris trained to become a police officer and went to and graduated from the academy before making plumbing his career 20 years ago.


Tanner is from Huntington Beach, went to Marina High School where he golfed, surfed, and wrestled.  He is the second of three brothers.  Tanner likes to fish, surf, golf and he is an artist and does tattooing.  He is very interested in his Hawaiian heritage and loves to visit his family back in Hawaii.  He loves to eat fresh fish that he has just caught out of the ocean.


Justen is from Long Beach and went to Milliken High School where he wrestled.  Justen is the third of four boys, he owes a boat and two cars and he does ALL the repair work on them himself.  He likes taking his boat to the river, wakeboarding, off-roading and camping, and spending time with his family and friends.

Office Manager

Born is LA, first-generation Mexican American, spent a few years growing up in Mexico, and speaks Spanish fluently.  She is the oldest of five siblings. She is the heart of our TEAM.  She takes care of everything related to customer service, dispatch, payroll, planning, and is involved in all major decisions.  She is a dedicated wife and parent to two of her nephews.  She likes family time, to help those in need, and to play the slots on occasion.  Her favorite movie is Me, Myself and Irene.

Customer Loyalty Specialist

Born in Honduras, speaks Spanish and English fluently. Second of three siblings. Four years of customer service experience; she is a multi-tasker, fast learner, greets customers through incoming calls and customer service inquiries. Keeps constant communication with our plumbers and enjoys composing marketing campaigns for us. She has four dogs that she loves, likes spending time with friends, traveling, blogging, interior design, and Formula 1.

Plumbing Apprentice II

As the owner’s youngest son, he has been around the business his whole life and has experience beyond his years.  Elijah was born and raised in Costa Mesa and has gone to the Waldorf School of Orange County, K-12.  Elijah is a talented piano player, videographer and he can knit and sew.  He recently replaced the transmission in his 1991 Mazda Miata and rebuilt the engine.  He likes to play basketball, snowboard, play piano, and work on his car.  Elijah speaks Spanish and some Japanese; spent eight weeks in Japan as an exchange student two summers ago.


Gunnar is from Costa Mesa and went to Estancia High School where he played on the golf and basketball teams.  Gunnar still is an avid golfer and basketball player, likes to fish and snowboard, loves In-N-Out, and Happy Gilmore is his favorite movie.  Gunnar prides himself on his great customer service. 


Tony is from Huntington Beach, where he played baseball.  He is a father of a teenage son.  He enjoys golf and poker in his free time.  He is the second of five kids. He left the plumbing industry for a few years and worked in the medical field as a gastrointestinal technician before returning to plumber several years ago (he likes interacting with customers and solving difficult mechanical problems).

Customer Loyalty Specialist

From the Philippines.  Speaks Tagalog and English. She has been Working in the Customer Service industry for 10 years. She is an amazing team player, reliable, and resourceful. Karen loves taking great care of our customers and does a lot of back end projects for us while not helping on the phones.  She enjoys traveling, taking pictures, helping others, and loves cats and goats which she had while growing up. A devoted daughter and a big sister to her two brothers.

Plumbing Apprentice II

Riley loves the ocean and tries to surf every day he can.  Riley was born and raised in Huntington Beach, went to Marina High School and was on the surf team.  Riley is vegetarian and his favorite food is rice with veggies.  He is the third of four kids.  He likes spending time with his family and friends camping, snowboarding and being in nature.  Riley likes working with his hands and is happy to be learning a trade.

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