5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Looking to make your bathroom more eco-friendly? With an increase in the amount of time we are staying indoors and an extension on the current shelter-in-place orders, it’s time to start making eco-conscious decisions at home. But where to start? Here at Parzival Plumbing, we find the answer to be a simple one: your bathroom.

As your bathroom accounts for the most energy consumed, water drained, and plastic products used, it’s a great place to start incorporating eco-friendly living, as it will make the greatest impact. Here’s how to reduce your water consumption and environmental impact without jeopardizing plumbing function:

Install Aerators

Aerators can be added to any faucet with ease and will reduce the amount of water flowing from your faucet without altering your water pressure! Aerators add air to your water as it is dispensed, inherently saving water with each tooth brushing and hand washing thereafter.

Switch To Low-Flow Fixtures

By replacing your current showerhead with a low-flow fixture, you can reduce your water use by 20%! Water-efficient fixtures are proven to perform just as well as their counterparts, while saving you, on average, up to 3,000 gallons of water annually.

Replace Your Toilet

Dual-flush toilets are also essential to water conservation efforts. Switch out your traditional toilet for a dual-flush alternative, and you will notice a significant change in your monthly water costs! This alone can preserve up to 13,000 gallons of water per year.

Rid Your Space Of Plastic & Paper Products

Reusable items are trending. The market is becoming increasingly saturated with eco-friendly self-care products, so there is no better time to make the switch! Replace your current toothbrush for a wood alternative, take those single-use make-up wipes and switch them out for make-up removing washable cloths, and remove your vinyl shower curtain, and hang a cotton one in its place. These changes will prove beneficial to the environment, as plastic and paper manufacturing releases numerous toxins into the atmosphere during production.

Go With Eco-Friendly Bathroom LED Lights

Traditional, incandescent bulbs lose a lot of energy burning heat. Replace these bulbs with LED’s to reduce your energy use by almost 75%! LED bulbs will increase your energy efficiency, lower your utility bills, and last longer than incandescent bulbs!

For your energy-efficient fixture installations, contact Parzival Plumbing at 949-355-1575. We are here to help you take your first step toward eco-friendly living! We are open and following the recommended CDC guidelines to keep both our customers and our technicians healthy and safe. Don’t hesitate to call us! Or check out our outstanding Google reviews.

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