5 Reasons You Need a Whole House Water Filter

Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter

Most tap and well water in the United States contain varying levels of contamination due to industrial and environmental pollution. These contaminants range from naturally occurring minerals to man-made chemicals that find their way into our water supply. Although in many areas of the country the level of these contaminants is not high enough to cause immediate sickness, repeated exposure may cause chronic health problems.

Mesa Water District provides water service here in Costa Mesa, parts of Newport Beach, and other areas of Orange County. In their recently published 2016 Water Quality Report, Mesa Water outlines the quality of their water, which is sourced from local groundwater supplies. Although the intention of Mesa Water is to provide safe drinking water, without a whole house water filter the addition of chloramines and other harmful contaminants picked up along the way may mean that your water is not as clean as it could be.

5 Reasons You Need a Whole House Water Filter:

  1. Clean filtered water from every source in the house: Only a few contaminants are regulated by drinking water standards and treated by municipal sources, and so a water filtration system is an incredibly effective way to protect you and your family from harmful exposure to the hidden contaminants in your water. No matter if you are using the kitchen sink, the shower, or simply washing your hands your water is clean and safe to use.
  2. Extended life of water-using appliances and household pipes: Over time, the scale left behind by hard water can build up in your pipes and cause problems for appliances that use water, such as refrigerators or dishwashers. Installing a whole house water filter will eliminate the mineral deposits commonly found in city water that build up and cause damage. Regardless, as an experienced plumber in Orange County, I still recommend annual sewer lateral inspections to ensure the functionality of your plumbing.
  3. Better tasting (and smelling) water: Chlorine compounds or other undesirable sediments, such as rust, present in your household plumbing system can give your tap water an unappealing scent or taste. If you and your family are struggling to drink enough water each day or simply want to ensure that your food cooked with water tastes even better, consider adding a whole house filter to your home.
  4. Healthier skin, hair, and body: Your water will be filtered at low temperatures to facilitate the removal of chlorine and other chemicals, which are commonly absorbed into the skin during showers and cause issues such as acne, eczema, and rashes. Further, inhalation of these chemical vapors in a hot, steamy shower can aggravate asthma and allergies for those who already suffer.
  5. Extra protection from breakdowns in city water supply systems: In the unlikely event of some kind of failure of the municipal water treatment and sanitation system, you will still have the peace of mind that your family has access to clean, safe water.

With the installation of a whole house water filter, your family can enjoy cleaner, better tasting, and less harmful water every day. If you are concerned about your water quality and would like a consultation with an expert plumber in Orange County, Parzival Plumbing can help!

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