4 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Plumbing

Imagine what life would be like without the plumbing system that makes your home run. This would mean, no running water, using the bathroom outdoors, no place to wash clothes or brush your teeth and so much more.

Here are some things to be thankful for about your plumbing this Thanksgiving.

1. Running Water

The water that comes out of the faucet, shower, or bath doesn’t just magically appear, it runs through many pipes to get there.

If we didn’t have this luxury of running water, we may have to fetch water from an outdoor source, such as rain, a river, or lake.

2. Your Toilet Is Inside

No need for a gas lantern and a walk to an outhouse anymore. With indoor plumbing, we are able to use the restroom with a roof over our heads and in the comfortability of our home.

You may even have a heated toilet seat or a bidet to be thankful for too.

3. Good Hygiene

We can attribute our plumbing to the simplicity of having good hygiene. The running water we use to bathe, brush our teeth, wash our clothes, dishes, and more.

Without this, we wouldn’t be able to simply wash up after a hard day of work, or wear the same clothes without them being stinky and dirty.

4. Efficiency

It would take a lot more out of our day to clean our house and ourselves without indoor plumbing. Without running water, a dishwasher to clean multiple dishes at once, a washer to wash a load of clothes, we would be spending hours a day to keep clean.

Be thankful for the plumbing system and the people who make them run, as life wouldn’t be so easy without it.

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